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Secondary School

Enfield, London

"The best way of dealing with Health and Safety is to - wait for it - deal with it!

Such an obvious statement really, but having pioneered TAM in a very large and busy London secondary school that is precisely what we are doing.

Governing Bodies must be fully committed to ensuring the highest standards of health, safety and wellbeing of everybody in schools. This can be an onerous task particularly if it is left to the endeavours of just one or two individuals.

Having trialled TAM, and seen the shift in attitude and culture amongst staff towards health and safety, we decided very quickly to implement the system across the whole school. With a much wider acceptance that we all have a role to play in making schools as safe as they can possibly be, it was a case of applying practical common sense in how we could make best use of TAM.

The benefits of TAM are there for all to see; a glowing external audit report in terms of regulations and compliance, much less paperwork and rigmarole, and real savings in time and money. But most important of all, we provide a much safer environment for our pupils."

Matt Miller
Chair of Governors, Highlands School
National Leader of Governance

Premium Department Stores

UK Nationwide and Ireland

"TAM is an excellent Health and Safety compliance software.

What we really like with TAM is the top level compliance visibility this software provides us with.

In the past, I would have to actually visit each department store to view their records in order to ensure they were compliant. Now, we can keep the documentation, records and audit trails for all our stores in one place on TAM - where they're easily accessible over the internet, and won’t get lost.

Using TAM has saved us so much time. With clear compliance visibility combined with us now being able to manage our time better, we are able to offer more focused support for those stores that are not performing as well as they could.

We can also set up tasks and other operational routines for each store, and assign these to individuals or groups, which are then easy to monitor to ensure they get done.

We have shown TAM to our Lead Authority, as well as local Fire Safety authorities, who have all thought TAM an excellent compliance tool.

We've been more than happy with the service and support that the TAM team has provided, and we've liked the fact that they always listen to suggestions and continuously implement changes to improve the software.

TAM has been a really good investment for House of Fraser and I would happily recommend the system to any other organisation or business."

James Haggarty
Health & Safety Manager

Hospice, Day Care and Other Services for the Terminally Ill

Risley, Derbyshire

"As an organisation our service provision has been growing and we needed a centralised one stop system to keep track of our training, Health & Safety, planned preventative maintenance and all the checks and logs required to keep us operating safely and legally. TAM is providing the solution we needed.

It does take time to set up TAM but we anticipate that within a year of us going fully operational that investment in time will be repaid two fold in efficiency. In particular TAM will be a great benefit to any auditing process we undergo as we will have all our appropriate records and documentation stored in one location in an easy to present manner."

Nigel Lamb
Facilities Supervisor

Diamonds and Jewellery

50 Stores Worldwide

"We have been using TAM since 2014, which has provided a cost efficient way for us to manage our Health and Safety obligations across multiple sites. The user friendly platform helps us to identify areas that need attention by using a colour coded dashboard and the automated email notifications ensure all outstanding tasks are completed. The accident reporting function allows for a quick and easy way for the site first aider to log the details and notify me for further investigation. Accident statistics can be viewed in various chart form over selected time periods and can be viewed by severity, location and age group etc.

I can now remotely monitor sites to see if they are completing the tasks allocated to them and if I am not at my desk, the automated email notifications allow me to monitor whilst on the move. To date, we have also used TAM for periodic checks and record keeping of fire alarm test, first aid stock and AED condition checks.

We look forward to using the rest of TAM’s features in the coming months”.

Barry Bloomfield
Occupational Health and Safety Advisor

Cycles and Sporting Equipment

60 Stores UK Wide

"TAM has proved to be an invaluable asset in terms of health and safety and risk management at Evans Cycles. We found the tool very simple to use and all of our managers grasped the system quickly thus allowing them to record checks and logs without having to keep paperwork which can be easily misplaced or lost. The system is very innovative, provides excellent value and the fact that we are not tied down to contracts provides us with confidence that any issues with the system will be addressed rather than ignored – this makes us feel confident that the whole concept is about compliance rather than making profit; it also allows our sites to use the system as a task management tool for other checks and logs in addition to health and safety, tasks can easily be created with or without relying on the prepared templates . That’s how flexible it is!

There is often an assumption that health and safety is just a paperwork exercise, expensive and a waste of time – the advantage of TAM is it’s so quick for our store management to log in and see what needs doing periodically, rather than trying to remember tasks or making things harder than they have to be. We have also found it reduces duplication whereby stores can add comments without having to write additional emails or make calls to report problems through to our facilities team or health and safety department.

TAM also provides us with the ability to see compliance at our stores remotely in real time, something we had never been able to do and unlikely to have achieved without TAM. We have found that other members of the organisation are interested in what the system can do and is a fantastic tool for internal audit. The system is flexible and allows us to focus on the sites where more coaching is required and allow those needing less support to get on with their jobs. Even the initial set up increased awareness throughout our organisation so risk management improved greatly from the start. It has definitely improved the attitude towards health and safety at Evans Cycles.

Setting the system up was simple, pain free and most of all it didn’t take a lot of time to implement. Our TAM consultant was there constantly coaching and guiding us willing to answer any queries during the initial setup and tailoring everything according to our needs. We did not feel pushed into commitment and we would highly recommend the software to other businesses of all types".

Sharon Kennedy
Health and Safety Officer


Sheffield, South Yorkshire

"At AUM Construction Ltd, we have appreciated the services provided by The Action Manager (TAM), which we have been using since 2014. We are able to produce an annual Health and Safety policy document, which adheres to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. We are also able to maintain the health surveillance and H&S training of our employees. The online user interface becomes more arresting over time through use.

AUM Construction Ltd has no hesitation in recommending The Action Manager Health and Safety software."

Jin Singha
Company Secretary

Hotel and Conference Centre

Lane End, Buckinghamshire

"We started using TAM in 2010 and it is incredible how it has become a part of our daily lives; 'have you done all your TAM?' is a frequent refrain here as managers keep their teams fully up to date with their Health & Safety training as well as their other company training requirements. We find the system easy to use, excellent value for money and an absolute godsend for anyone who has ever inherited boxes of disjointed and incomplete H&S files when they start a new job.

We use the system for a huge number of things... as a library for all our important documents, as a contact tool to send text messages to people en masse to, say, warn them to park outside our centre as we are full, and as a personnel system to record grievance procedures, job chats and appraisals.

We obviously use it to document and run our entire H&S policy and systems including recording H&S committee meetings and managing the action points raised at those meetings, but it does so much more; we use it as a management tool to document all our in-house company training from induction to exit interview, as an accident record system, as an indisputable daily recording system for kitchen temperature checks, as a fire alarm log, etc, etc. The system is as flexible and capable as we need it to be and we are adding new risk assessments and procedures to it every month.

We also like the fact that the system has evolved since we came on board - new features have been added and the developers clearly listen to their customers and take on board their suggestions. They are extremely responsive and have reacted very quickly on the rare occasions that there have been any questions or queries.

In short, I am confident that we are fully compliant with all H&S legislation and are able to demonstrate that compliance quickly and easily with TAM - I never had that confidence before we used TAM and I thank the good people at TAM for letting me have far fewer sleepless nights than I did previously."

Mike Gough
Operations Director

Student Accommodation Management

44 Sites UK Wide

"We started using TAM’s Health and Safety software in the autumn 2014 following the realisation that we had no way to track the Health and Safety Management of our quickly expanding portfolio. We currently manage 44 student accommodation sites across the UK with over 12,000 beds, and TAM's system has proven to be scalable and managed to cope very well with our expansion.

Adding our new sites and providing training to new staff has been a pain free process with the ability to copy schedules to new buildings through a simple process.

From an overall management point of view, the greatest benefit is the real time remote reporting as TAM tracks everything electronically for the portfolio. TAM provides the ability to add whatever text or documents you wish to add for Actions ensuring that the staff have the knowledge they need to complete the required tasks. The Accident/Incident Reporting is really straightforward on TAM and the system will automatically generate a variety of statistics for management. The automatic alerts that you can request within TAM ensures all management of the correct level are aware of on-site incidents dependent on the severity of the incident noted in the report. We use the automatic email notification, which means that you don’t have to login to TAM to be aware of an on-site issue that has been reported.

You can also use TAM for much more than Health and Safety. We are increasingly using TAM for operational routines, facility management, staff training, tasks, checklists and are even looking to use it to ensure our accounts team based in India are completing their duties in time.

Throughout this process of establishing TAM within our company, we have received ongoing valuable help and support from EDP our Health & Safety and Compliance Consultants (, who recommended TAM to us.

I highly recommend TAM’s Health and Safety software to any company or organisation."

Mark Cutlan
Head of Maintenance

Global Logistics

Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire

“Having used TAM in various business sectors, I can honestly say that it is an adaptable system which provides a simple and effective platform for managing your everyday health and safety needs. A simple dashboard illustrating the key areas of concern or actions needed helps keep you right on track with your operational requirements, inspections and training.

One of the most useful elements is the supplementary actions which can be generated directly from an inspection or task, this keeps complete traceability for auditing purposes but, also, things are not forgotten.

The customer support is second to none. I have always had an email or a call back the same day and my queries are always answered. At the same time, if you have any ideas or suggestions, the team at TAM are willing to listen, appreciate what you need and work towards implementing these for you.

Reports and historical data are only a few clicks away, saving enormous amounts of time, as these can be recalled whenever and wherever you like, if you're in the office or out and about, which makes life so much easier. Having complete control over who can see and do what on the system provides the stakeholders in the business with the confidence that the information held on TAM is completely secure."

Gary Youngson
Group Warehousing & SHEQ Manager

Wholesale Producers of Nursery Stock

Ashford, Kent

"What a hidden gem TAM is. It was a bit like when I'm sent out to buy a loaf of bread and come back with £100 worth of shopping. I went out one day to find training management software and came back with a whole health and safety management system!

We started using TAM in 2012, but quickly came to realise that the system is capable of so much more than just training, and so much more than Health and Safety! It is an easy to use, easy to understand and incredibly cost effective way of managing all our H&S and HR needs. It has allowed us to embrace, with the total confidence, a new and much more logical alternative to the original management system we had put in place. Its easy to follow design allows us to access all our records efficiently whilst maintaining a robust electronic audit trail of everything we do. So no more paper (well a lot less anyway)!

We had previously relied on a number of employees to make sure that all reminders, reviews and training dates were kept up to date. Now with TAM's tasks and actions system it has allowed us to effectively manage all of these automatically and incorporate many more items. Having the one system in control of all this information makes it much simpler to keep track of such essential documentation.

The risk assessment element of TAM has also been a key feature as it allows us to create a risk assessment management process which goes way beyond what we had before. It allows us to link into our assessments all associated documentation creating a very fluid system. This is now a comprehensive management process and TAM has allowed us to move forward into areas that previously we could only have dreamt of!

TAM has really provided the next step in evolving the H&S and HR sides of our business. Even at this early stage we are indebted to the TAM team for creating what we consider to be an essential piece of software. Their clear vision, willingness to listen to thoughts and ideas and speed to react is to be applauded. We really don't know how we managed all these years without it!"

Mark Hutchinson
Joint Managing Director

Integrated Logistics Solutions

UK Nationwide and Ireland

"Rico Logistics embarked on a mission to visit all of our 42 sites across the UK and Ireland, with a view to ensure that each site was fully compliant with all aspects of Health & Safety, duty of care and complying with all legal requirements.

When we first commenced this undertaking we began providing Manual H & S Binders for each site containing a multitude of Forms and documents it was a laborious and time consuming chore and we soon realised these would just gather dust on a shelf and nothing would be updated. With so many sites, many regular legal requirements e.g. Fire Alarm tests just being one, they were not being recorded and were not proved to be have been carried out. We were reliant on individual Managers at sites just remembering to ensure many tasks were carried out. In reality, busy work loads and human nature, meant many H & S requirements were just not carried out and it was impossible for us to be at every site.

Our Health & Safety Consultant Mark Walkes discovered TAM in January 2014. Since then, our Health & Safety Team have in-put a data base of all our necessary H & S forms and documents into TAM, which are instantly viewable and printable to all site Users. Regular weekly/monthly tasks or checks are simply achieved by setting dates into TAM - reminders of these required actions are automatically advised to the staff by via email and/or mobile texts. Likewise, all training records can be signed off and also saved into the system.

We can record all Equipment in our Warehouse operations, Fork Lift trucks, Pallet trucks, Safety Steps, types of racking, lighting and ensure all is retained in good condition with dated tasks.

With the ability to ‘see’ every Rico site on-line it has greatly improved our compliance capability. TAM has proved to be an invaluable tool for our multi-site operations and not just for H & S, as some of our people are using it to provide stock Inventory information and to ensure these are carried out on time and the data recorded."

David Shields
Corporate Business Manager

Property Related Professional Services

UK Nationwide

"Pennington Choices is a fast growing business offering a wide range of property related professional services throughout the UK. We started using TAM’s Health & Safety software in 2015 and we are very happy with TAM, what the software can do for us and the service we are getting.

With the very low cost of this software/service, most of our staff have now been made users on TAM because allowing our staff to interact directly with TAM pays for itself. Via various alerts and dashboards, TAM will inform our staff of work they have outstanding on the system and they can simply get on with it. Management can then use TAM to monitor progress in real time.

We have three regional offices, however, most of Pennington Choices' staff work out in the field with our clients, which is why we like TAM's smartphone app that allows them to simply complete the required tasks whilst out of the office.

TAM’s Accident, Incident and RIDDOR reporting is another very good tool on the system. Due to the nature of our clients and the environment we work in, we are often asked to submit statistics relating to any accidents we may have had. TAM's automatic reporting tool makes this a very quick and easy process and saves a lot of time.

The automatic email alerts and the SMS messaging capability of TAM help keep our management team informed of any accidents, incidents, completed tasks, checklists, etc. without them having to physically log into TAM.

I am happy to recommend TAM’s Health and Safety software to any organisation."

Lewis Duff
Building Surveyor / Health and Safety Manager

Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction

Sale, Greater Manchester

“Since we started using TAM’s Health and Safety software in early 2014, we have found TAM to be really helpful in storing company documents. Having a central location for these keeps things simple and we no longer need to worry whether our sites are using the latest updated versions or not. Having risk and COSHH assesments stored by site allows our HSE Department to immediately review the relevant assessment should an incident occur.

TAM also keeps us up to date with task reminders that ensure we don’t miss any legal compliance due dates such as Fire Alarm and Legionella checks.

All accident and near miss data is uploaded to TAM, which then gives us an excellent statistical overview and reference points on where we need to concentrate our efforts."

Peter Furlong CMIOSH AIEMA
HSE Advisor

Car Dealership

Bristol, Avon

"Our company has used TAM now since Spring 2015 and it has proved to be most useful, and beneficial to us.

To give you a rough idea of how useful this system has been, within 13 months of using TAM, we are now the only car dealership in the United Kingdom that is ISO 9001 UKAS certificated, and we use TAM to help us comply with these audits and procedures, that alone is worth using this system.

We also have an external consultant that introduced us to TAM (, and between the both of us, TAM has proved invaluable as it allows remote access from anywhere.

Personally speaking, taking into account the system’s user friendly interface, and vast array of procedures it encompasses, I would give this 10 out of 10.

Thank you TAM."

Gary Pope
Managing Director

Science Technology and Industrial Biochemicals Company

Little Chesterford, Cambridgeshire

"Environmental, Health and Safety Management within Cellulac has been made a whole lot easier thanks to TAM.

As we are a multi-site company – TAM provides a central point through which Health and Safety can be managed in all our sites. TAM provides excellent legislative pointers in all aspects of health and safety – from Policy to Risk Assessment and Emergency Procedures. TAM provides a template making the process of setting up a safety management system a lot less daunting.

TAM has made it easy for Cellulac to provide employees with a personal and interactive safety experience – eliminating paperwork and making compliance easier.

Communication and co-ordination is enhanced through TAM’s email service, as alerts are sent to relevant employees when new risk assessments or other new health and safety data is entered into the system.

We have also found TAM’s customer support to be first rate. Any queries we put forward were responded to quickly and comprehensively.

Cellulac has no hesitation in recommending TAM as a simpler, cheaper and more effective means of managing Environmental, Health and Safety."

Dr Marcus Fenton
Chief Engineer

Wholesale Plant Nursery

Sittingbourne, Kent

"The Action Manager (TAM) Health & Safety software is a web based programme that can be accessed anywhere in the world, any time of day or night.

We have been using TAM since September 2015 and wonder how we ever managed without it. We use TAM to manage all of our health and safety, recording H&S meetings, staff training, CoSHH, fire safety, first aid and safety checklists.

Having worked with TAM in the past at my previous place of employment and knowing the capabilities of TAM, I was very keen to introduce TAM to my new place of employment.

Initially, setting the system up can appear a little onerous, however, once up and running, TAM ambles along nicely in the background, notifying the relevant staff when their various obligations become due.

Things I like about TAM:

  • You can see in real time exactly what has been done and what is outstanding
  • I think the facility for non-TAM users, such as casual staff that do not have access to a computer, is absolutely genius
  • TAM keeps a full audit trail of all transactions
  • The CoSHH templates are great
  • You can see details of all staff training, both up to date training records and outstanding training requirements
  • The TAM library – so useful for company forms, H&S advice, training certificates, etc
  • Templates – so many templates that guide the user along the way
  • The ease of use
  • The price
  • Customer online support is excellent

I would have no hesitation in recommending TAM to any business, large or small. Just check out the prices online, even small businesses can afford this. The question you should be asking is “can you afford not to”?"

Lee Woodcock
Technical Manager

Ultraviolet (UV) Curing and Metal Halide Lamps Manufacturer

Daventry, Northamptonshire

“My company has been using TAM since 2012, however, I have only been the Health & Safety Administrator for about six months and TAM has been very helpful in my learning process. I am a complete novice at this Health & Safety business, but TAM has guided me through what I need to know.

The templates for risk assessments, chemicals etc. have been really useful. I wouldn’t have known where to start doing a risk assessment, but it is so much easier completing a form rather than having to decide what needs to be included. The only negative is that I sometimes have trouble locating records although this is getting easier the more I use TAM.

I am very happy with the help and support that TAM gives, it has been a great help."

Lynne Barson
Health and Safety Administrator

Technology Company

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

"I have been using TAM since 2011.

Like many managers responsible for Health and Safety, this was a career path I “fell” into and was not one of my own choosing – a job that then evolved. As more and more Health and Safety challenges and tasks were given to me to solve, I found it very difficult to understand exactly what was required to “resolve” the issue in terms of legislation and company procedure. Before TAM I was working without clear direction finding information from the internet and books – I found the lack of guidance concerning. I was using a large number of files on my company servers. This proved time consuming and accessibility was an issue, as not all employees could access the Health and Safety folders.

Fortunately it was at this point I was introduced to TAM. I was immediately impressed with how intuitive the system is and found it to be logical throughout – at last the guidance I had been looking for!

Now TAM helps us to:

  • Capture our company’s training matrix; this enables us to clearly and quickly find out who has been trained on equipment and when.
  • All Health and Safety meetings, actions and outcomes are captured and updated on TAM.
  • Encourage individual responsibility. Every employee has their own log in and dashboard – instead of the Health and Safety manager being solely responsible and trying to encourage staff to take on board Health and Safety issues, the dashboard makes individuals accountable and more empowered.
  • Report an accident in TAM – TAM will identify whether RIDDOR reportable, again the guidance that I had been searching for, removing the stress and worry from the process.
  • Send emails and alerts to employees when they are required to update a record/perform an H&S report etc.
  • Look professional when being audited. It is reassuring to know that all the records can be found in one place.

The company TAM is very forward thinking in its approach to customer feedback, listening and implementing it. This is rare in this environment (often feedback is provided but it is not acted upon in a timely manner or at all). My experience is that I am always made to feel important and that they put my suggestions or queries to the top of their list.

Thank you TAM!

Sean Rutter
Group Logistics and Facilities Manager
Pursuit Dynamics plc

Youth Training Centres for Armed Forces, Public Services & Sports

Cardiff, Wales

“I would highly recommend this professional Health & Safety Management System to any organisation.

MPCT has been using TAM since May 2012 and I now ask myself - how did we manage before?!

We are a college with 13 centres across England and Wales. Because of the distance between these centres, it used to be a real challenge to get around to all of them and push the Health & Safety agenda and ensure we were complying with the legislation. When I was first recommended to TAM by a friend, I realised that this was precisely what we needed to manage our Health & Safety.

The way we used to capture data and paperwork involved a lot of work and having to constantly chase for documentation to be completed and filed. Using TAM has made all this so much easier and we are now confident that we are able to capture and record our data in a more proficient and professional manner. Also, in the past, any changes/updates to our documentation would result in a major road trip around all our centres, however, with TAM I can now do this for all our centres in minutes and from anywhere I have internet access.

Initially, there was a lot of work to get content and the requirements for our company uploaded on TAM, but the TAM team was very supportive and reduced this work as much as possible. The training provided by TAM was very good and they still continue to support us if any queries or issues arise.

TAM has already become an integrated part of the company where all staff have access. From the staff induction onwards, TAM is used to help train staff and manage their individual CPD.

TAM helps me manage MPCT's Health & Safety at all levels with relative ease in tracking actions, training, reports etc. TAM has enabled us to assign tasks/actions with timelines to staff and managers with excellent audit trails. TAM will then remind staff via email and/or text message of work they need to do on TAM and managers can receive alerts should this work not be completed on time. There are TAM Dashboards for each individual user, for each centre and the company as a whole providing everyone with a clear overview - in real time - of the work that is outstanding. We also use the information on TAM to grade our centres' Health & Safety performance and do staff performance appraisals and, if required, disciplinary for non-compliance. TAM has proven an excellent system for us to manage our centres and staff.

TAM encourages individual responsibility and the system has helped getting all staff on board with Health & Safety. Essentially, I now have all staff thinking about Health & Safety and they have been empowered to report, record, and/or take action on Health & Safety issues. Also, the dashboards and reports TAM provides make individuals accountable for specific areas of responsibility. TAM has also given me clear visibility of any outstanding checks, actions, training or extra support requirements needed in any centre and, as a result, TAM has helped promote improved compliance across the company.

Thanks to TAM, we now look professional when audited for our Health & Safety. Not only is it reassuring to know that all the records can be found in one place, I have shown TAM off during the Health & Safety audits and the inspectors have been impressed that we can track all the details required in a system that is so easy to use.

I have been impressed with how intuitive the system is, how the TAM team is constantly looking to make improvements to their software and how quick they are to respond to any queries or requests from us.

TAM has actually saved our company time and money, not to mention made us more professional in the way we go about our Health & Safety. In short, TAM pays for itself.

I now cannot imagine us without TAM and can highly recommend this software to anyone who deals with Health & Safety in any form. It will improve your organisation's Health & Safety, reduce costs and save time."

I warmly recommend that you ask the TAM team to present their Health & Safety Software to your organisation now, you will not be disappointed.”

Steve Conway-Williams
Director of Operations

Scientific Analysis Instruments Manufacturer

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

“I have been using TAM since February 2013 and found the system to be very easy to use. TAM is a very practical tool that you can get up and running with quickly and with minimal assistance.

I was given the Health & Safety Coordinator's job alongside my Maintenance Supervisor position so I really needed some Health & Safety software that would make this job simpler and TAM certainly does that. Once you have the initial setup done, it so simple to keep up with training, risk assessments and all that goes with Health & Safety. And being a Maintenance Supervisor, I can add all sorts of maintenance related checks and tasks to the system from weekly machine checks, water temperature checks, vehicle checks... the list could be endless.

I would thoroughly recommend TAM to anyone from small to large companies.”

Justin Yates
Maintenance Supervisor

Private Ambulance, Event Medical Cover and Clinical Training Provider

Swindon, Wiltshire

"As an expanding business, AM Medical Services required a flexible software package that would provide us with accurate training data for our staff. Since engaging with TAM, AM Medical Services have found the product to be flexible, accurate and very user friendly. This has led to an improvement in our training and health and safety management.

The TAM team have always been very friendly and helpful providing excellent support with any queries.

We would wholeheartedly endorse the product and recommend it for use to any others with a similar need."

Maddie Ricketts
Business Administration Executive

Golf Club Operator

Kingsclere, Hampshire

"Before I was introduced to TAM, I thought our company was very well covered in terms of H&S, however, it became clear after the first meeting with the people from TAM that that simply wasn't true.

As a manager, TAM simply keeps you in control and the dashboard system gives you an up to the minute status of your H&S and whether or not your staff have completed all of their responsibilities.

It also keeps track of all your staff's outstanding training requirements as well as very detailed training records; it makes accident reporting incredibly simple and much, much more.

When you combine the great service you receive with fantastic value, TAM is a necessity - plus it allows me to sleep at night!!!!"

Andrew Wild
General Manager

Pump Manufacturing and Service

Leigh, Lancashire

"Grundfos have been using TAM since early 2013 and find it an invaluable tool for managing our H&S requirements, the creation of tasks and actions is very simple and we are able to quickly identify any areas that need attention using the dashboards.

Whilst there are many great features in TAM, we find that the management of accidents and near misses one of the most useful, and as TAM includes full investigations we are quickly and easily able to identify any working practices or risk assessments that need to be reviewed.

The costs of TAM are far lower than our previous system and has the added advantage that you are not tied into long contracts, although once you start realising the benefits of TAM you are unlikely to want to cancel anyway.

Many of our staff rarely visit our offices and so being able to complete tasks and actions using their iPads is vital for us, the weekly update email the staff receive gives them a quick reminder of any outstanding work to be done and they are able to login to TAM and complete these with ease.

Support for any system is always important and the guys at TAM excel in this area, we sometimes need to ask a question or clarify something and getting answers to these is always quick and supportive.

I would have no hesitation in recommending TAM to any other company who needs a cost effective and reliable H&S management system."

Graham Eagle
Operations Manager
Grundfos Service Ltd.

Pumping Systems Manufacturer

Coleford, Gloucestershire

"While working towards OHSAS 18001 certification, we quickly realised that we were lacking a central software system which would meet all of our requirements. During our search we looked at numerous solutions but found that they all tended to focus on the control of COSHH and accidents, we found none that would manage and drive our Health and Safety Management System and provide the required audit trails.

However, TAM does all that we require - and more - for our health and safety management. It has provided us with an easy to understand dashboard (red, yellow, green) which makes it is easy to see when something needs to be done, it drives people to complete tasks due to the fact that all tasks are visible to the relevant management and above all it is easy to use with very little training. Importantly, we have just been audited by our OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Auditor who was very impressed with TAM.

Also the support response and service is excellent and always able to help, advise and discuss improvements."

Stephen Ryan
Quality Improvement Manager

Multi Specialist Animal Referral Centre

Hitchin, Hertfordshire

"Davies Veterinary Specialists are one of the largest animal referral centres in Europe with some 150 staff.

Since late 2011, we have been substantially reviewing and refining our Health and Safety Management processes. Discovering The Action Manager was a relief because it has allowed us to begin to build systems that integrate all aspects of a modern Health and Safety Management plan including risk assessment, training and review.

The Action Manager’s build and interface are easy to master and not off putting for the end user. This is important for a piece of software that has to be used across the workforce.

The Action Manager support team have been very helpful, responding to queries and questions promptly and effectively. There is constant activity behind the scenes with the developers listening to customer needs and constantly improving products.

Over time, I envisage TAM becoming not just for Health and Safety Management, but also a highly effective management tool."

Dr Clive Elwood
Managing Director

Chrome Plating Design and Manufacturer

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

"Until we started using TAM in 2012, we had a Health and Safety regime that was difficult to keep on top of to say the least. All I can say is that I just wish TAM had been around some twenty years ago.

As an electroplating and metal polishing company, we have many diverse and very challenging requirements in terms of Health and Safety and staff training. TAM has simplified all this to a massive extent.

In an environment where working practices can change rapidly, TAM is allowing us to update our systems and training as and when required without too much trouble. The great thing is that the people who need to know are informed immediately of any changes and they can appraise what they have to do to meet the new criteria.

TAM is proving popular with employees, even with those who have never used a computer, as they can use their mobile phones or tablets to access TAM through the company wireless network, and they appreciate having immediate access to vital information without the need to trawl through volumes of paperwork as they did before.

Whilst our immediate priority has been to revamp our Health & Safety and Training requirements, we are planning to use TAM for a lot more than just Health & Safety. With new areas being added to TAM all the time - mostly driven by customer requirements - the system only gets better. I no longer need to worry that I have forgotten something and I am thankful to all at TAM for making my job so much easier."

Tom Mottershead
Health & Safety Officer

Nightclub Operator

Liverpool, Merseyside

"As an independent nightclub operator, I have found the TAM system to be a highly useful tool. It takes a little time to get everything together and a little 'twisting' of staff arms to get them to use the system, however once they start using it, they soon realise it is straightforward, saves time and a wholly useful tool.

We have had very positive feedback from our insurers and have obtained discounts from them as a result of us using TAM, plus we have managed huge savings from NOT having to pay out insurance excess fees.

The accident reporting is excellent and enables me to be able to carry out a full accident investigation and have all necessary documents readily to hand for the Insurance loss adjusters to enable a very fast response to request for defense documents.

I have found the support and co-operation from the TAM support team to be second to none and they have taken the trouble to work with me to modify the software to provide an even greater use for the system in relation to accidents recording and investigation - a massive help.

This software enables us to keep right up to date with all our H&S as well as providing the business with excellent protection from civil actions (hence insurance issues!!) as well as staff issues around training - absolutely love TAM..."

Dave Henderson
Operations Director

Specialist Veterinary Centre

Six Mile Bottom, Cambridgeshire

“TAM’s Health and Safety management software is a very useful system.

Dick White Referrals is one of the largest specialist veterinary centres in Europe and we have been using TAM since 2014. TAM has efficiently and effectively assisted the team to manage our Health and Safety requirements, equipment maintenance and training for our colleagues. The support team at TAM have been were very helpful during the initial set-up stage and the continued support has been comprehensive."

Daniel Hogan RVN
Operations Manager

Swimming Pool Operator/Charity

Southampton, Hampshire

"I volunteer for this charity and we needed a Health and Safety system that was within our budget and - most of all - easy to use. We found this with TAM’s Health and Safety software. Some of the other systems I looked at were complicated to use and very expensive.

We found TAM easy to get going with as the system had already been populated with some templates that could be used straight away and the instructions, training and help sections were easy to follow.

We are a small organisation made up of staff and volunteers and TAM has made our life so much easier by allowing us to have all the information we need in one place. We have taken our time rolling out the system so we can see how it is working and made changes where necessary. The more we use TAM, the more we are finding that we can use the system to manage other parts of our operation, other than what we purchased it for such as tasks, maintenance and shift planning just to name a few of the many things you can use TAM for.

One of the best aspects of TAM is that it is a live system operating in real time so we can see precisely where we are at any time.

I would highly recommend TAM’s Health and Safety software to any size organisation."

John Robinson
Health & Safety Manager

Specialist Grease and Lubricants Manufacturer

Maidenhead, Berkshire

"For many years I have searched to find software that would help me to manage basic health & safety in the workplace and remove the need for endless pieces of paper. Ideally what I was looking for was a system to control me and my staff to prompt us when actions were required and a confirmation that they had been done.

After browsing many applications I came across TAM, that on the surface had all the aspects I was looking for, but on further investigation I found many other features that would help me control our business more effectively using TAM's business operational tools and task management.

One major benefit I have found is the willingness of the developers to provide what the user wants and listen to our ideas and criticism with an open mind, and actively wanting to move forward and develop the software to how we want it to work."

Graham Boots
General Manager

Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturing and Sub-Contractor

Hainault, Essex

"Teparay Precision Sheet Metal (TPSM) started using TAM’s Health and Safety software in June 2015, but it was is really only after about a year that many of the benefits of the system started to be realised. As we get more used to the system it seems that it may be capable of much more.

BT (Before TAM) everything was paper based, reminders and checklists were a little haphazard in their timings, the small regular tasks sometimes got lost in amongst the urgent day to day events of production. AT (After TAM) there are now plenty of reminders that flag up to management and designated employees reminding us what needs to be completed.

TAM provides a great platform for a wealth of Health and Safety Information, documents, record keeping both current and historical all in one place. Since TAM became our go-to resource for all our Health and Safety documents it has saved a huge amount of time hunting down the paper work in various parts of the organisation as everything is now only a couple of clicks away.”

Colin Coleman
Quality, Health and Safety Manager

Charitable Trust Providing 90 Acres of Leisure, Sporting and Recreational Facilities

Chigwell, Essex

“We started using TAM to manage Grange Farm Trust's Health & Safety in June 2013. The software has proved to be the perfect tool for the job and I would highly recommend it.

Once the information about your business has been entered, the software just takes over. I have found the checks, logs and tasks extremely helpful. I have set up a machine maintenance program, this allows me to keep accurate records of maintenance carried out and any issues that need addressing. TAM also allows me to delegate tasks to other staff who then fill in the task summary, and any issues reported then get automatically sent as a task for me to deal with.

Another TAM feature I like is the 'Third Party Maintenance' tool. I have set it up so an email can be sent out to remind a contractor that a service is required. There is also the option to upload the contractor's report of the maintenance and, once again, create tasks to remind staff to action any issues.

There are a number of other features on TAM such as risk management, fire risk assessment, staff training, etc. that also prove to be easy and simple to use. With the reasonably priced monthly subscription, I would highly recommend TAM's Health & Safety software to both small and large businesses."

Robert Draper
Site Manager

Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Systems

Waterlooville, Hampshire

“During late 2012 and early 2013 we were looking to improve on our H&S and training systems.

We had all the required elements and documents, but they were in a mixture of formats and located in various locations on servers, filing cabinets and work stations, and which were sometimes difficult to find quickly.

We came upon The Action Manager and started using this system early 2013.

Initially, we underestimated the size of the task to bring together and migrate our systems and, with all of the other priorities in the business, “we got off to a slow start”. Once we recognised the best way to approach, implementation was focused, small elements at a time and we quickly built a head of steam.

We now have most of the system populated and I can say it has definitely been worth the effort.

We were recently successfully audited for ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and, despite this being our first attempt, we were accredited without any improvement recommendations. TAM played a big part in the successful audit with the Auditors commenting how easy TAM made their job over the three day event.

I would definitely recommend TAM to others."

Dave Parkinson
Supply Chain Director

Customer Logo Holiday Villages, Caravan and Camping Parks
Five sites across Scotland

“We started using TAM’s Health and Safety software in 2013 and it has become an essential system used by our staff at Wood Leisure.

Wood Leisure is a growing family business comprising of five holiday parks in Scotland. TAM allows us to set up each individual site on the system and then allowing information to be uploaded and shared between all five sites. This is exactly what we wanted when we were looking at Health & Safety Management Systems. TAM is a great tool for logging all our Health & Safety checks, keeping records, logging training and risk assessments.

TAM is working very well for our company. Before TAM, I was responsible for gathering all the Health & Safety checks from all the sites each month and filing them at our Head Office. Now we have staff at each site trained to use TAM and they are now responsible for uploading all the checks onto the system, this has reduced my workload so I can concentrate on other important aspects of Health & Safety. The system allows all the information to be stored in one place on TAM that can then be accessed easily from anywhere provided there is an internet connection.

TAM runs very smoothly, however, on the rare occasion that we have any questions or queries about the system, or if a feature is not working correctly, it is very easy to email the staff at TAM or send a message via the system and they are very quick to respond and answer/fix any issues.

We are quickly learning that TAM can do a lot more than we originally thought. It is taking time to set it all up, but we will soon be using it more effectively, which is only going to be more positive for our company.

I believe we are now more compliant with Health & Safety and our records are more up-to-date since we started using TAM. It has been a positive addition to our company and the more we use the system to log all our information and records the more compliant we will become."

Nicola Longden
Health & Safety Co-Ordinator

IS0 18001 Certified Customer Logo Hydraulic Components & Systems Manufacturer
Eaton Socon, Cambridgeshire

“Following the introduction of TAM at the beginning of 2013, we have found this Health and Safety Management Software very easy to use and flexible to the requirements of Dynex/Rivett Inc.

Once you have the initial set-up done, TAM simply takes control and can provide you with an instant update of all aspects of Health and Safety within your Company. It highlights all staff responsibilities and any outstanding training, risk assessments and all that goes with Health and Safety.

Also the support and service provided by John Buckley of Cambridge Risk Management has been excellent. John has always been available to help and advise, but more importantly was on hand to guide us through our OHSAS 18001 accreditation.

To endorse the flexibility of the TAM system, John is currently integrating our ISA 9001 Management System into the same software.

TAM has already and will continue to save our Company time and money, not to mention make us look more professional when being audited in the future.

Dynex/Rivett Inc would highly recommend The Action Manager's simple and professional Health and Safety Management System to any organisation."

Simon Wilders
Technical Sales Representative and Health & Safety Manager

Candy Manufacturing and Distribution

Fareham, Hampshire

"TAM has provided a fantastic, easy to use interface for the managers within our business to manage Health and Safety issues. It ensures total visibility of all relevant issues and can be accessed by Head Office and remote users alike. It also provides us with the confidence of knowing that processes are clearly set out and adhered to, and means we can easily put our hands on any documentation which is required.

In comparison to some systems available on the internet, the concept and application is extremely good value for money and money saving in the long run. The support offered at the start and during the trial period has been excellent where our dashboard reflects the system bespoke to our organisational needs.

Knowing that tasks can be delegated to others, as an administrator, there is an easy alert system to check if tasks have been completed. This can quickly be addressed to ensure that the issue is dealt with and followed through to a conclusion.

With recent RIDDOR changes which have taken place [April 2012], TAM has responded to this need, well in advance, where reporting is undertaken quickly and easily by pressing the send button, saving time and work power. No repeated form filling! New features being added to TAM based on customer input which is very important to a growing company. Regular updates and new add on tabs to the dashboard is part of the norm with TAM unlike some other systems on the market which do not have this developmental service included.

With clear visibility and overview of compliance issues, this system gives total peace of mind with the knowledge that there is a full support, if needed."

Anton C Galea
Business Support Manager

Engineering, Design and Metal Manufacturing

Rochdale, Lancashire

"Health & Safety has to be a vital ingredient for the success of any engineering business. We are a company of 11 employees and we had to ensure that any health & safety system we introduced was cost effective and easy to use.

Although we're only a small business, we found that keeping up to date with legislation and ensuring that our employees were always working in a safe environment was increasingly getting harder to manage and that's when we found TAM.

TAM has helped us to involve the whole working team to co-ordinate and consult with each other. We have employees in the workshop and out on sites and it can be hard to ensure that everybody is being involved, especially with health & safety training. TAM can be used, with the access of a computer, in the workshop, on site, even at home ensuring that any problems that come up are dealt with straightaway via the internal communication system.

We can be confident that TAM is an essential tool that our business needs and would recommend TAM to any company thinking of using it. The team at TAM are constantly on 'top of the game' and any changes to legislation are very quickly dealt with and you get to know exactly what changes they are going to make to the system via email.

We can also go to TAM with ideas we have that will make the way we work easier and that may not be available on TAM. They will always look at these and suggest or add new ideas to the program.

We can be sure that we now have a safer working environment for all employees at Carter Origin Ltd."

Carol Carter
Health & Safety Manager

Care Home Equipment Supply & Installation

Orwell, Cambridgeshire

"We have used TAM to manage our Health and Safety since 2011. Previously it was difficult to keep track of training, ensure staff had completed risk assessments etc. Now TAM does everything! Initially, time needs to be set aside regularly to load information on the system, but thereafter the system sends prompts to ensure that reviews of risk assessments and training programmes are carried out at regular intervals. New staff are easily added, and programmes can be made individual to each person. Since TAM is web based, we find staff often do the training at home! When staff see that the company has invested in a proper system, Health and Safety becomes less of a chore and staff are keen to keep up to date.

I would thoroughly recommend TAM to anyone who is serious about Health and Safety."

Anthony Drake
Innovations and Quality Manager

Welding, Fabrication & Repair Services

Cumnock, Ayrshire

“We have been using TAM since November 2012 when we received a trial period free of charge. As a small business, most safety management systems available in the market and which could have assisted us were financially prohibitive, but not TAM.

On top of the low cost of the system, the main draw to TAM was the ease of access to the system from any location providing there is internet access. Our admin office is remote from our engineering workshop and most of our operations are actually carried out via mobile units on third party sites so TAM allowed all employees access via the internet to a wide variety of documentation irrespective of where they are working.

In addition to the obvious advantages from a safety perspective that many of our customers have complimented us on, TAM has also helped us become more environmentally friendly; gone are the days where everything had to be printed and issued as paper copies to employees and customers. Now, all employees have their own access to TAM where we keep all documentation and, when required, we can also give our customers access as well.

The TAM developers are keen to improve their system further and are ready and willing to take on board feedback from their customers so that the system meets the needs of the actual users rather than what they think we need.

We are pleased with what we have seen so far from TAM and hope that, as we proceed and train our employees further in the use of TAM, we will continue to see further improvements in our Health and Safety performance.”

Fiona Scott
Health & Safety Officer

Speciality Chemicals Manufacturer

Horsforth, West Yorkshire

“Since joining the company in June 2013, I have been using TAM to manage incidents and actions on site. I have found it very easy to get to grips with, and am now using TAM on a daily basis. TAM has been great to help keep track of what’s going on on site, and is proving to be a very useful tool to give a quick and clear view of which tasks are completed, outstanding, and who they have been assigned to.

At the moment, we are only using certain parts of TAM, but I am looking forward to integrating it more throughout the business and getting the best out of it!”

Rhys Brown
Group Health and Safety Manager

Holiday Village, Caravan Park & Sales

Battle, East Sussex

“Crowhurst Park is a large Holiday Village with 60 employees and spread over 120 acres, where our customers can find lodges to rent, a large caravan park, several bars and restaurants, a manor house with ballroom and functions rooms, and there is a large leisure club with a spa, gym, pool and sauna. We even have a business here selling caravan holiday homes. As a result, our Health and Safety issues are both diverse and challenging.

We started using TAM in March 2013 and I am finding it a very handy and efficient tool to manage our Health and Safety. Having all our Health and Safety arrangements in one place where they are easy to find is the key for us, so - if a Health and Safety issue arises - any manger can quickly access the relevant information. For a business where we work in shifts seven days a week, TAM's shift management tool has made our life so much easier, as staff and managers can access TAM and its dashboards when they need to and from any location to see what needs to be done.

The system makes the recording of training very easy and I can see instantly who has not done their training so the appropriate training can be arranged.

Whilst I was originally looking for a system to update our Health & Safety and training requirements, in TAM I have found a system that can do so much more and I am finding new ways to use TAM to our advantage all the time.

I would highly recommend TAM.”

Mick Hoad
Health & Safety Manager

Specialist Contractor of Technical Services

Rayleigh, Essex

"We started to use TAM to manage our Health and Safety at the begining of 2013. TAM is easy to use and the benefits were immediate. Previously it was difficult to keep track of training and compliance for all our staff and contractors. Now, TAM does everything! Initially, time needs to be set aside to load information on the system and it's as customisable as you want it. TAM is great, as the system sends prompts to ensure that reviews of risk assessments and training programmes are carried out at regular intervals.

New staff and contractors are easily added and programmes can be made individual to each person. Since TAM is web-based, we have found our contractors and customers can easly access the system for inductions and to review training records, and Health and Safety has become more manageable. We continue to develop our systems as its leads us towards ISO 9001 compliance.

I can definitely recommend TAM to any company that is serious about their Health and Safety."

Duncan Robertson
Health & Safety Manager

Supply and Service of CNC Machine Tools

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

"Using TAM has enabled me to manage our company’s health and safety compliance much more easily and quickly.

The dashboard instantly tells the Management Team what items are outstanding and need our attention and nothing can get forgotten.

TAM makes the recording of training very easy and I can see instantly who has not done their training yet. I can direct appropriate training to specific individuals or teams.

The user interface is very easy to understand and use. Our Engineers in the field can log on at any time and instantly access the health & safety information they need, such as risk assessments and safety data sheets.

We also use TAM to organise maintenance tasks and any other items we need reminding of.

New features are regularly added to TAM and customer suggestions are often incorporated into the software. And the service support and response time are excellent."

Paul Burns
Quality / Health & Safety Manager

11-19 Secondary School

Newport, Isle of Wight

“We have been using TAM since May 2013, but we can already see the benefits of the system and believe that this will grow over time. We have so far mainly used it for the Accident Reporting and First Aid Log, but even just those two areas save us so much time and make things much easier and enable us to have easy access to statistics for reports to governors etc. Knowing that the system also supports and takes care of the RIDDOR reporting to HSE gives a lot of comfort and reassurance to us. In the long term, we plan to also move all of our Risk Assessments that we currently process in a different way onto TAM and hopefully will at some point be in a position where everything to do with Health & Safety will be just in one place – TAM.

The TAM staff have been hugely helpful in the setting up process and are always there to help and answer questions. We would highly recommend TAM – a comprehensive system to cover all your Health & Safety needs at a very affordable price."

Kathrin Williams
Business Manager

Timber Frame Houses Manufacturer

Hereford, Herefordshire

“As a company we have been using TAM since February 2013 and have found the system very cost effective and easy to use for our H & S management. From creating checklists, keeping maintenance & training records, recording accidents, producing risk assessments and safe system of works. To store all this information in one place is a huge benefit.

The aftercare service is exceptional with nothing being too much trouble."

Colin Taylor
Managing Director

Tenpin Bowling Centres

Dunstable, Bedfordshire

"Having used TAM since 2007, I would highly recommend TAM to any business organisation!

TAM is easy to understand and to use. It saves valuable management time and money on administration.

On the back of using TAM to manage our Health & Safety and operations, we have been been able to cut our annual insurance premiums (commercial combined policy) by more than 40% from a high of £28.2k a few years ago down to £16.6k in 2012. This cost saving alone justifies the cost of using TAM many times over. We have also been able to successfully defend all claims made against our company during the past three years.

For a business where we work in shifts and few staff have email addresses, TAM has made our life so much easier. We use TAM for all our internal communication and we use TAM's task and shift management tools to effectively manage our staff.

TAM enables us to create tasks with set deadlines for individual staff members monitoring their completion with clear audit trails, which in turn helps us manage staff performance issues and provides records for future staff appraisals or disciplinaries.

We have put pretty much all our operating procedures on TAM (e.g. equipment servicing and preventive maintenance programmes, cleaning rotas, temperature checks, etc.) and we love the flexibility of the system and how easy it is to change procedures around as and when we need to do so.

TAM has ensured that our management and staff are trained to understand and comply with all government legislation relevant to our business (e.g. health and safety, licensing laws, etc.) and provides us with detailed training records to demonstrate this.

Thanks to TAM, I have a clear real time visibility of what is going on at each bowling centre and can access all records at any time from my laptop (highly important in a 18 hour/7 day business). And, if I identify any issues, I can deal with them promptly using the system to send TAM messages/text messages to my managers/staff or create tasks with deadlines for them."

John-Paul White
Managing Director

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