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Health and Safety Management Software - Summary

TAM offers a comprehensive yet simple approach to Health and Safety compliance

Many Health & Safety software solutions are little more than expensive word processors for Risk Assessments.

The TAM Health & Safety software, on the other hand, offers a great deal more than that. TAM is about helping organisations comply with most of the Health & Safety legislation and to make this process as straightforward as possible.

Monitoring compliance is easy on TAM with its "Real Time Health & Safety Audit Dashboard"

The "Real Time Health and Safety Audit Dashboard" for each Site provides a compliance overview and highlights areas where you still have work to do. Simply click on the bullet points inside each box to drill down and get detailed information on what exactly is outstanding. You can receive this Dashboard as an email alert each Monday morning. The Action Manager Health and Safety Software.

TAM provides a "dashboard" where you can view a summary of key Health & Safety compliance issues, and where TAM will indicate whether you are doing what you are supposed to do or not. This Health & Safety audit information is provided in detail and in real time for each site that you have.

There is also a company wide Health & Safety Dashboard on TAM that offers a general summary of all your sites - if you have more than one - and ranks them in reverse order based on Health & Safety compliance, which makes it very easy to identify the sites where you may have problems.

TAM's Health and Safety software can also email you a copy of these dashboards every week to make it even easier for you to stay on top of your Health and Safety compliance.

TAM's Health and Safety software is a proactive system that will remind all Users of the work they have to do and by when they need to do it

You can set your own alert settings on TAM and ask the system to send you regular emails and/or text alerts for all TAM Messages and Actions created for you on the Health and Safety software, as well as for any Accident/Incident generated. These alerts make it is very easy to stay on top of things even if you don't log on to TAM itself very often.

For a multi Site operators, the 'Company Real Time Health and Safety Audit Dashboard' provides you with a summarised view of all your Sites' Health And Safety Dashboard and then ranks your Sites based on the largest numbers of outstanding compliance issues showing the worst offenders first, which helps you focus your attention where it is most needed. The three columns on the right lets you know how many active Risk Assessments there are per site, as well us the number of active Checklists for Health and Safety and Fire Safety. The Action Manager Health and Safety Software.

This software will make Health and Safety compliance more straightforward and transparent

TAM's Health & Safety software offers all types and sizes of organisations a cost effective and comprehensive way of dealing with Health and Safety and, whilst we can't guarantee 100% compliance with every single Health and Safety regulation, we can promise that TAM will make overall Health and Safety compliance a lot more straightforward.

TAM's Health and Safety software offers peace of mind for shareholders, directors, management and employees alike

Whether you have been identified as a Health and Safety responsible person in the Health and Safety Policy, appointed to the Health and Safety Committee, a senior manager, director or shareholder, you can take comfort from the fact that TAM is helping you manage Health and Safety in your business.

The primary purpose of TAM's Health and Safety software is to ensure that those things that you are legally obliged to do and those things that you - as a company - said would get done, actually do get done. Also, TAM then provides you with a very detailed audit trail so that you can demonstrate you have done what you were supposed to do.

All Users of TAM receive their own, personalised "My TAM Dashboard" to help them keep on top of things, including their own; "to do lists", Company and Health and Safety training, internal messages and much more. The Action Manager Health and Safety Software.

Save valuable time using TAM’s Health and Safety software so that you can focus your efforts on what is important

TAM will simply tick over and allow staff to get on with their work. However, if staff don’t do what they are supposed to do, TAM’s Health and Safety software provides a particular process that ensures senior management are promptly informed of any missed deadlines or outstanding work.

As a result, TAM will ensure the Health and Safety work continues in your company without constant monitoring and chasing after people, and you will be informed of any problems that occur. As time consuming follow-up work is done for you by TAM, more time is freed up for more quality Health and Safety work as well as allowing you to concentrate on the actual running of your business.

More to come from the TAM Health and Safety software

We are always working on ways to improve our Health and Safety software, so look out for future updates and enhancements to TAM that will improve your ability to stay compliant in a simple and time efficient manner.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve TAM in this regard, please let us know (see Contact Us).

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