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Safe Systems of Work and Staff Training

A Risk Assessment often leads to a Safe System of Work, which states how your company expects its employees to carry out certain duties in order to minimise the risks associated with an identified hazard. The Safe System of Work then becomes not only the official procedure for how things should be done properly, but also a training requirement for your staff.

Companies with numerous Risk Assessments/Safe Systems of Work and many employees often find it a real administrative challenge to ensure that the relevant staff receive the specified Safe System of Work training, and that they are kept up to date with any future changes to the Risk Assessment and/or Safe System of Work.

TAM's Safe System of Work template

Using TAM's Risk Assessment and Safe System of Work template will allow you to:

  • Specify whether Safe System of Work training needs to be “Instructor Led”, or whether the employee can receive the Safe System of Work and study it independently.
  • Specify whether refresher courses of the same training are required, the frequency of these (e.g. annually), and whether the refresher courses should be Instructor Led or not.
  • Appoint authorised Instructors for each Safe Systems of Work training course.
  • Create your own Safe Systems of Work templates to be used throughout your organisation.

TAM's Safe Systems of Work template organises your staff training for you

Once you have populated the Safe System of Work template, TAM will then do the following for you:

  • Automatically keep track of which staff require what training depending on where they work in your company.
  • Automatically ensure each individual staff member knows exactly what training they have had and what training they still require.
  • Automatically keep staff training records of who has received what training and when.
  • Allow staff immediate access 24/7 to all Safe Systems of Work that are relevant to them.

As much of this ties in with how training is organised on TAM in general, you can find more details on how all this works under Training Management.

TAM's Safe System of Work template allows staff to access all Risk Assessment/Safe Systems of Work training requirements that are relevant to them and highlights which ones they still need training on. Items in bold blue text are Safe Systems of Work training that still require their action. By using TAM's Safe Systems of Work template, you can easily identify outstanding training requirements, view training history and, if you are an authorised Instructor, record training that has been carried out. The filters allow you to sort by; employee, Safe System of Work training course etc. TAM will also provide you with Safe System of Work examples that you can amend to suit your needs.
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