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Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

In the Risk Assessments you will need to specify if there are any requirements for your staff to wear PPE to limit the risk involved.

Importantly, your duty is not just to supply your staff with PPE. As an employer, your responsibilities go much further.

If PPE is required, then the employer is responsible not only for ensuring the relevant PPE is supplied, but also that staff have been provided with clear instructions on how to use it, that it is being used correctly and is properly maintained and stored.

Once the PPE is set up on the system, TAM will help you manage issues surrounding PPE as follows:

  • Allows you to link PPE to Risk Assessments and Safe Systems of Work.
  • Automatically informs individual staff members about what PPE they are required to wear, under which circumstances and where to find it.
  • Ensures staff who need to wear PPE are automatically provided with the instructions on how to use it safely.
  • Allows you to schedule regular checks to ensure the PPE is available, well maintained and stored in the right locations.
  • Allows you to schedule random spot checks to ensure PPE is being used as per the company's instructions, and provides you with a log to demonstrate that you have done what is reasonably practicable to ensure your staff's safety.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - TAM helps you manage and control the use of PPE For each PPE you have the option to enter details of the PPE as well as provide instructions on how to safely use the PPE Each employee can go to their own personal My Health and Safety and view details of the PPE that he/she is meant to use, and get instructions on how to use the PPE correctly.
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