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The Health and Safety Committee Meetings

As an employer, you are required by law to consult your employees on matters relating to Health and Safety.

As anyone who has had an inspection by the EHOEnvironmental Health Officer will know, they often request to see minutes from meetings in which Health and Safety has been discussed, or other documentation that can demonstrate the company has an ongoing and organised approach to Health and Safety and risk management.

We believe that TAM's Health and Safety Committee template is an excellent tool for consulting your employees on Health and Safety matters. It also enables you to demonstrate to authorities that consultation is taking place, and that Health and Safety management is an ongoing process in your company, as well as providing you with solid records to that effect.

TAM's Health and Safety software organises the Health and Safety Committee Meetings for you as follows

  • TAM helps you to formally set up a Health and Safety Committee at each site and to appoint the Committee members.
  • Health and Safety Committee Meetings.  Minutes of Meeting. It's quick and easy to schedule a Health and Safety Meeting, produce an agenda, draft minutes and approve these. Approved minutes can not be altered.If you have more than one site, you can set the minimum frequency of how often you want the Health and Safety Committees at each site to meet and TAM will inform you if this requirement is not met.
  • You can dictate standard agenda items that you want the Health and Safety Committees to review in the meetings, in addition to each Committee's own agenda items.
  • TAM will automatically list additional agenda items that need to be covered in the meetings (eg. Risk Assessments due for review, review of Hazard Spotting exercise, etc.)
  • TAM provides a "semi-automatic" minutes-from-meeting tool that will make it quick and easy to produce minutes, assign tasks and then ensure the tasks are completed as scheduled.
  • Health and Safety Committee Meetings.  Minutes of Meeting. Producing minutes from meeting is easy using TAM's semi-automatic minutes tool. Actions typed into the minutes will be followed through to completion.The TAM Health and Safety software then stores the approved minutes-from-meeting, allowing easy access to these for Health and Safety Committee members and senior management of the company.

Because of the ease of administrating Health and Safety Meetings on TAM, the meetings do not need to involve many people or take up lots of valuable management time. Our recommendation is therefore to stage more frequent, but smaller and shorter meetings in order to ensure a slow but steady progress with your Health and Safety management.




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