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We offer all potential customers a 3 month free trial. This is the best way for you to understand what TAM has to offer and if our Health & Safety software will work for your organisation. There are no obligations to continue after the free trial and there are no “strings attached”. To learn more about the 3 month free trial click here.
 The Health and Safety software that helps run your businessHealth and Safety SoftwareOperational Management
  • TAM's Health and Safety software makes compliance much easier
  • Comprehensive, paperless Health and Safety system
  • TAM is proactive and prompts you with email/text alerts
  • TAM fosters good risk management throughout your organisation
  • Clear, instant visibility of what is not being done as stated
  • Peace of mind for directors, management and employees alike
  • TAM cuts costs and improves efficiency
  • Sophisticated task management - TAM makes sure things get done!
  • TAM eliminates time-consuming and routine follow-ups
  • Use TAM to build long-term operational routines
  • Organise staff training on TAM
  • Internal messaging service
  • Shift management tool
  • Document sharing

The Action Manager Health and Safety Software

TAM is a comprehensive Health and Safety software that makes compliance a great deal easier to achieve and a lot less time consuming.

TAM is a web-based, flexible and scalable Health and Safety management system suited to any type and size of organisation. All you need to work on TAM is a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone (for our Health and Safety mobile phone app) with internet or mobile phone access.

Our aim with this website is to present you with a detailed insight into our Health and Safety software and the services that we provide, in order to encourage you to take us up on the offer of a 3 months Free Trial of TAM.

TAM is unlike any other Health and Safety software

TAM is more comprehensive and helps you with more Health and Safety compliance issues

TAM helps you comply with more of your Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Environmental obligations than other software. That said, TAM remains a work-in-progress, as we are continuously improving the software and adding new features to it.

TAM is a complete, paperless system that leaves you with no loose ends

Many Health and Safety software solutions available in the market are little more than expensive word-processors of Risk Assessments, offering little or no functionality and that still leave you dependant on a hardcopy based Health and Safety management system.

TAM's Health and Safety software is unique because it is a paperless system with a high level of functionality, helping to ensure that everything you have stated in your Health and Safety documentation actually gets done, thereby leaving no loose ends. Importantly, TAM also provides you with a very detailed audit trail of all the work you have done.

You can use TAM to manage much more than just Health and Safety

Use TAM also for; managing staff induction training, outstanding training requirements and training records; operational routines; meeting management, facility and equipment maintenance; environmental issues, food hygiene and safety, and much more.

TAM is an affordable Health and Safety software that will save you money

TAM only costs £1 per User per month. The more staff you put onto the system as Users, the more your organisation will get out of TAM and the more money you will save.

That said, if you don't want to put all your staff on TAM as Users you don't need to as we offer a free Health and Safety software access for your staff that are Non-Users. This free Health and Safety software access allows your Non-Users to log on to TAM and view all your Health and Safety, Fire Safety and other company documentation, but without an audit trail of what they have seen or done. TAM will also help you manage outstanding training requirements and training records for your Non-Users, as well as do Accident Reporting for them, provide statistics and more.

Free Health and Safety software trial

We are so confident you'll be impressed with TAM that we offer all potential customers a 3 months free trial of our Health and Safety software so that you can ensure it really works for your organisation and you can see how it will save you time and money. This free Health and Safety software trial also includes the initial set-up and customisation of the software for you organisation.

To get your free Health and Safety software trial now, click here.

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Our Promises to You
  • £1.00 per User per month for a minimum of 20 Users - There are no other fees!
  • Staff that aren't Users can access all your Health and Safety documentation on TAM for free
  • You can add or remove Users at any time
  • You don't need to sign a long-term contract with us
  • Terminate at any time if you're not satisfied with our service
How TAM Works
  • Web-based service where you access our servers and software over the internet
  • No software for you to install or extra hardware required
  • 24/7 access from anywhere in the world
  • Always the latest updates f.o.c.
  • No back-up concerns as we do these for you f.o.c.
  • All your data is stored on our servers in a secure hosting environment
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  • Are you a Health and Safety Consultant? Get a free trial of our software designed especially for Health & Safety Consultants. Click here to learn more.
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